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About William J. Sedor, Attorney at Law

family law and bankruptcy attorneyWilliam Sedor, Esq. was a former high school teacher and administrator for many years prior to attending law school at Syracuse University. He has had a great deal of interaction with people from various walks of life and in various state and federal agencies. Earlier in his career, he was in-house Counsel for a Connecticut based Corporation doing business in Rochester, New York. His various duties and responsibilities involved day-to-day operations as well as litigation management.

Soon thereafter, he opened up his own practice in Rochester with Bankruptcy as one facet of the services he specializes in. The focus is primarily with consumer related debt, as well as small business law. At times, we advise clients in foreclosure as it relates to their overall financial situation.

Another area of practice we specialize in is family law. Major issues concern custody and visitation, or relocation. Attorney William Sedor is also a mediator in matrimonial law. He has helped clients construct a separation/property settlement agreement which becomes the major document used in a subsequent divorce.

Our office policy has been to provide immediate feedback to clients. We pledge to return your call within 24 hours. We place great value in our clients who entrust their concerns with us and do our best to get them the best results possible.

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